Wire EDM & Sinker EDM

As a precision manufacturer, Biggs Tool & Die, Inc., offers Sink and Wire EDM services as part of our general production manufacturing services.

Sink EDM provides Biggs with the ability to produce accurate geometries; tight tolerance parts; and components of the highest quality that possess varying levels of complexity.

Our Wire EDM machines use CAD designed programs to machine intricate shapes and close tolerance dimensions from any conductive material. Our Wire EDM services allow Biggs Tool & Die to produce precision machined parts with superior accuracy on a competitive basis with a method that is excellent for super-tough and hardened alloys.

Wire EDM also produces intricate shapes with consistent repeatability up to 30 degrees of taper and 4-axis capability.


Wire EDM Equipment

  • (2) 2018 Sodick VL400Q -- 15.75" x 11.81" x 8.66" (Wire EDM)

Sinker EDM Equipment

  • Ex-Cello 248A
    (Sinker/Ram EDM)