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Gear Hobbing & Shaping

At Biggs Tool & Die, Inc., we take pride in offering customers outstanding gear machining for both small and large clients with dependable service. Our accomplished personnel have the experience and expertise in both the manufacture and inspection of most gear types—along with their relative features. Biggs’ competent staff of professionals are capable of shaping and hobbing gears, such as; spur gears, internal shaping gears, planetary ring gears, spline gears, pinions and sprockets in various materials.

Additionally, our company works with all types of alloy, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and exotic metals.


Gear Shaper Equipment     

  • (1) Fellows 7-A High Speed Shaper— 7” OD x 1-1/4 Stroke 
  • (1) Fellows 6-Type Gear Shaper— 36” OD x 5” / 6” ID x 2 Stroke 
  • (1) Fellows Model 3-2 Fine Gear Shaper— 3” OD x 1 Stroke
  • (1) Fellows 10-4 CNC Gear Shaper --- 13" ext. x 6" Stroke, 13" int. x 6" Stroke with 7" Throated Riser (35" Swing Diameter)

Gear Hobber Equipment

  • (1) 2019 Bourn Koch 100H -- 5.0" dia. x 25" lg. 2.54 Module
  • (1) Micron MPS 102.05— 4.724” OD
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